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$65 & Up

$65 & Up
Abera Crossbody Tote
US$178.00US$59.99 Ex Tax: US$59.99

The go to “everything bag” - versatile for both work and family life. This bag will keep you prepped..

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Barrl Roll Dffl Bag Lthr(Sp Edtn)
US$120.00US$59.99 Ex Tax: US$59.99

Introducing the Rethreaded Barrel Roll Duffel Bag, the versatile leather bag you have been looking f..

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Felt & Leather Backpack
US$215.00US$215.00 Ex Tax: US$215.00

This is a minimal, stylish and unisex backpack that has just enough room to pack yourthings, but low..

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Felt & Leather iPad Sleeve
US$64.00US$64.00 Ex Tax: US$64.00

Sturdy, minimal and made to accommodatemost regular-sized tablet sizes. Features a front pocket to s..

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Hailu Wallet
US$74.00US$74.00 Ex Tax: US$74.00

This classic wallet is a go-to staple that you can transfer from bag to bag. Made of 100% genuine le..

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Mare Phone Wallet
US$78.00US$78.00 Ex Tax: US$78.00

The best of both worlds, the Mare Phone Wallet has the perfect compartments for both your cards and ..

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Premier Coin Necklace
US$65.00US$65.00 Ex Tax: US$65.00

The minimalist Coin Necklace is perfect for layering but makes a statement all its own. The simple d..

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The Weekender
US$135.00US$135.00 Ex Tax: US$135.00

The Weekender, big enough to take on a trip (the perfect carry-on bag) and just the right size for e..

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Tirhas Backpack
US$208.00US$208.00 Ex Tax: US$208.00

While going through the everyday adventures of life, free your hands with the Tirhas Backpack! This ..

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Tirhas Wallet
US$52.00US$52.00 Ex Tax: US$52.00

This Tirhas wallet is cute and compact. Great for keeping your cards organized and transferringfrom ..

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